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Booking Live Music

The Client Requirements

To supply live music in accordance with the contractual requirements below and in accordance with the time, date & venue details as given above.


The Band will always use their best endeavours to fulfil this Contract subject to the conditions on this page


The Band Requirements


The Band will require a non-refundable deposit. 

Please note not every song on The Band website/facebook will necessarily appear during every performance. It is at the sole discretion of The Band which material is played unless otherwise agreed prior to the performance. The Band will always decide which order the chosen songs are played. For wedding events where possible and within prior warning of 4 weeks please let The Band know if you have a first dance that you would like them to play. If it is not possible for The Band to play the song it will be played on The Band ipod. 

A sound check will take place prior to the start time this will be done as quickly as possible. 

The Band also requires:

  • A secure, clean, well-lit changing room with seating and electrical supply (Toilets are not acceptable).

  • Supply of mineral water and soft drinks

  • Hot meal or buffet for all musicians plus any entertainment crew or personnel. 

  • Parking for entertainment vehicles to unload and load equipment. (Working on one car per musician)  

Date and Timing

The Band will always endeavour to start gigs at the contracted time.

When The Band equipment is set up ipod music can be played before and after The Band’s performance using The Band equipment, Clients are asked to request this up to 3 weeks before the event. This can be either the Clients ipod or The Band’s. The Band have a range of ipod music. If the client wishes to request particular songs it is suggested and often easier to use The Clients own ipod.  

Standard arrival time is 18:00 for The Band, The Band require 1 and a half hours to setup. If the Client wishes The Band to arrive earlier this must be requested beforehand when booking The Band and an extra charge to The Client will be made. 

Depending on the venue The Band will require approximately 1-1½ hours to take down and remove all equipment from the venue.

Electrical Requirements

The Band will require at least 2 separate 13 amp power supplies to the function area.  This must not be shared with Catering or Disco. 

Performance space

The Band requires at least 4 metres by 3 metres worth of performance space in order to perform. This must be a safe, flat and dry surface. 


Often The Band travels long distances to get to gigs leaving hours before hand. It is requested that The client will supply to The Band adequate hot food and refreshments prior to the start of the function and/or during the break in sets.

Marquee Venues

Please ensure there is a suitable dry safe performance space for The Band (i.e not grass/mud). Often The Band require direct access to unload and load their equipment please ensure access is available by car/van or make arrangements for equipment transportation.

Please also ensure there is enough electricity to run your event. We do not supply electricity or generators. 

The Band brings enough lighting for themselves on the stage and the dance floor. Please ensure you have ‘general’ lighting in your marquee/event space.  


The non-refundable deposit will be paid upon the signing of this Contract. The remaining sums due will be paid the week before the function. 

The Band will supply invoices in this respect.

Cheques should be made payable to Chris White. 


Should this Contract be cancelled after a period of 28 days from the issue for any reason whatsoever, a service charge equal to 50% of the fee due shall be payable to The Band. 

If cancellation is within 28 days prior to the date of the function, the fee shall be 100%. The non-refundable deposit will only be refunded to The Client should The Band cancel the gig due to serious injury, illness or death of a Band member or any Band member’s  immediate family. This is extremely rare however the Band will offer a replacement band for the contracted date. 

On rare occasions individual band members might have pre booked time off this does not affect The Band performance. The Band reserves the right to get another professional band member of equally professionalism and high level to be bought in to replace them. The Band are only liable for the total sum of the performance.

Booking a Silent Disco 


1) We want your event to be a success, and for you to have a good experience working with us. We undertake to be fair and reasonable, contactable and helpful.


2) The Band undertakes to provide you with the equipment you have booked, in working order, on the date(s) you agreed.


3) In the event of equipment variation or failure, provided your event can still take place with the equipment supplied this agreement remains intact.


4) It is the client responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied is suitable for the client’s specific purposes.


5) The Band will always do everything reasonably possible to honour your booking. In the unlikely event we have to cancel or vary your booking, howsoever caused, the maximum liability of The Band will be the return of any fees paid in lieu of unused equipment.


Loss or damage to equipment


6) The Client undertakes to treat the equipment well and return it in the condition provided.


7) The Client undertakes to store the equipment securely, and be responsible for it and the way it is used until collection.


8) Reasonable loss or damage: If any headphones are missing or severely damaged (unusable) the Client agrees to pay us a subsidised replacement cost of £30 per headset. 


9) The Band reserves the right to claim for any other losses resulting from unreasonable loss or damage, or major incidents, including, but not limited to, time and expense, and loss of revenue.

Booking a Photo Booth 

Photo Booth 


1) A Photo Booth attendant is there to help assist with the running of the Photo Booth 

2) A standard limit of photos is set to 150 (the average wedding takes roughly 60-80 photos) 

3) A scrap book will be provided for the photos 

4) The Photo Booth runs for a standard 3 hours 

5) The Photo Booth finishes at 22:30 unless previously arranged (from 22:30 onwards guest tend to be ‘well oiled’, this is when ‘fun’ risks get taken and things get broken this is not because we want to finish early).  

6) Props hire is included in the fee, please don’t take props home!

7) No drinks inside the Booth please 

8) Limited to a sensible number of people in the booth at any one time, this will be down to the Photo Booth assistants discretion 

9) The Photo Booth requires a dry flat safe surface with access to electricity 

10) The Photo Booth requires at least 2 x 2.5 x 2.5  (HxWxD) metres of space 

11) Damages caused to the Photo Booth by guests will be charged to the client

12) The Photo Booth requires 90 mins to set up and 90 mins to pack down.

It is great fun, enjoy it! 

Previous Clients Include

BBC, Virgin, Vodafone, RBS, Rugby World Cup, EE, Royal Air Force, MOD, Boots, Unite Students, Jelf Group, GWS Media, County Contractors, Sidmouth Festival, Waynes in Nice, Live Lounge Cardiff, Mercure Hotels, Marriott Hotels and many more...

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